Your Godly Purpose on Earth

You are here on earth for two purposes: to receive a body, and to learn how to master this mortal world through faith–without access to the knowledge you gained before your birth.

Since you are going through this existence without a memory of God, this is more a test of your character than your memory or abilities. In other words, this is a test of who you become through taking the test, not how many answers you got right or wrong.

You will make mistakes, all of us will, and sometimes you may feel like you’re figuring out your way through this world alone. But you were given a number of things to help you be successful, I’ll list five:

  1. You were born into a family that loves you and desires the best for you.
  2. You were born with a conscience, we call it the Spirit of Christ. Every person is given this gift to help them know right from wrong. Although, just like a muscle, you have to exercise the gift for it to work at it’s best. Seek to listen and feel to know if a choice is correct, your Heavenly Father loves you and is interested in keeping you safe and happy.
  3. Which brings us to number 3, Prayer. You can pray any time to your Heavenly Father. I promise you that He hears you. He wants to hear about your joys and sorrows, your triumphs and trials. And, He wants to talk to you.
  4. Number 4 is one of the ways that He speaks to you: Scriptures. When you read the scriptures, you read God’s word. He spoke to ancient people, and He’ll speak to you.
  5. Number 5 is something a little extra special for each of us: Prophets. Just as in ancient times, God has called prophets in our day to guide His people. He loves us just as much as His children in the past. To learn about the first prophet of this dispensation,
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These are little helps God has given you to help navigate this world of trouble and trial. The most important point is that He wants to help you. He is doing all he can without overriding your freedom to choose, which is His most precious gift to you, for it enables you to become who He knows you can be.

All this has been prepared for you since the beginning, all that God requires of you is to believe and exercise a little faith.

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