What is God’s Plan For Me?

It has been said that the two greatest moments of a man’s life are his birth, and the moment he discovers why he was born.

The world will try to answer that question for you. Some, the world will say, were born to be sports stars or journalists or scientists. Some were born to be great, others were born to be average, and some were born losers–and in the world’s view, that’s a pretty accurate description of the eventuality of our birth.

But God sees things differently. In God’s eyes, you were born to be great, even exalted, for He knows the plan.

So, what is God’s plan for you?
The short answer is that God wants you to be happy, not in the world’s way of riches, popularity or power. The world’s way is temporary and merely gives the illusion of happiness. No, God’s happiness for you is eternal and fits you so well that you’ll swear it was custom made for you. And you’d be right.

This mortal life is an important part of His plan–a plan which will enable his children to be exalted and live with their families, and with Him in heaven forever.

To understand the plan, we need to understand our past, even before our birth, to understand why God created the plan for you and what it means for you.

Lets look at your Pre-Mortal Existence

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